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Inside Alaya’s Recruitment Process

What makes Alaya’s recruitment experience stand out? It is our belief in looking beyond the résumé to find the perfect match, coupled with our dedicatio

How To Ace Your Job Interview

Hey, I’m Maya Thapa, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Alaya. So, you’ve got a job interview lined up? Awesome! It means you’re one step clos

Talent Acquisition Specialist shares his top 5 resume writing tips.

Résumé Writing Tips To Make Them Pick You!

How can your résumé catch a recruiter’s eye? What experiences should you include? Navigating the competitive job market and landing the role you want is tou

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Job Opportunities For Master’s Graduates In Nepal

You did it! After years of hard work, you’ve earned your Master’s degree. But now comes the big question: What’s next? If you’re looking

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6 Skills Required To Be A Loan Processing Associate At Alaya

Say hello to Abhigya Subedi, a Loan Processing Specialist at Alaya. She recently progressed from her role as a Loan Processing Associate. With a keen eye for de

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Employee Wellness Programs At Alaya

Employee Wellness Programs At Alaya Are you feeling stressed, sluggish or burnt out? You’re not alone. Juggling work, life and everything in between can t

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Multinational Work Culture Insights With Otto

Career tips and resources for how to start and sustain a job you love, and the perks of working at Alaya.

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Finding Your Way From Education To Employment

We’re bridging the gap between education and fulfilling careers, with college partnerships, career fairs and a lifelong commitment to learning.