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Alaya Cares: Our CSR

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Alaya Cares: Extending Possibilities

Alaya Cares was founded with the vision of being a catalyst for positive change. Our dedication to society is what shapes us. We strive to eliminate barriers and empower individuals to shape their own destinies. We’re here to create opportunities, foster equality, and empower our community. The world should be a better place because we are here.

Our primary focus is to make quality education accessible to structurally secluded and underprivileged children around Nepal. We have also expanded our areas of focus towards empowering women and environmental conservation.

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At Alaya Cares, we are honoured to have built enduring partnerships that profoundly impact the lives of those we serve, going beyond mere short-term relief.

Samaanta Foundation

Samaanta Foundation

Since 2015, we have proudly supported the transformative journeys of Samaanta Fellows. The fellowship program exemplifies diversity and inclusiveness, and we’re honoured to be involved.

Canopy Nepal

Canopy Nepal

Since 2019, our partnership with Canopy Nepal has empowered students through scholarships. Together, we nurture a conducive educational environment.



Through SAATH’s Hakuna Matata project, Alaya Cares empowers children from Kathmandu’s slums for a brighter future. We are also proud to support marginalised Nepalese women in becoming successful home-based entrepreneurs.

Carbon Positive Australia

Carbon Positive Australia

In 2022, our partnership with Carbon Positive Australia blossomed. We planted a tree in Australia for each Google and Product Review, nurturing a greener, sustainable future.

Voluntaroos: Igniting Change Through Passionate Philanthropy

The ‘Voluntaroos’ are Alaya Cares’ dedicated volunteers. Their unwavering commitment brings our philanthropic projects to life, amplifying our mission-driven initiatives. They embody our values and champion our cause. But giving back extends beyond them. Every Alaya employee actively engages with the community, fostering empathy and compassion.

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