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Igniting Curiosity, Commitment and Success

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At Alaya, passion drives everything we do. We approach each task with curiosity, commitment, and determination to succeed. We embrace feedback as an opportunity to grow and challenges as stepping stones to success.


Nurturing Our Community and Employees

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Care lies at the heart of our business. We prioritise the well-being of our employees, cultivate a positive and supportive workplace culture, and give back to our community. We advocate for one another and create an environment that brings out the best in everyone.


Embracing Diversity and Accountability

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At Alaya, we value oneness as the foundation of our strength. We embrace diversity, treating each other with respect and fostering unity. We hold ourselves accountable for our work, celebrating individual and collective successes that make us truly great.

5-day work week

Attractive pay

Quarterly awards

Training sessions

The Alaya Way

At Alaya, we redefine the power of place, enabling individuals to truly thrive. Here, your heart finds a home in a supportive and inclusive environment. We celebrate diversity, foster lifelong friendships, and embrace new ideas, creating an atmosphere where you can flourish and shine.

Join Our Passionate Team: How We Hire

Our selection process is designed to identify extraordinary individuals who share our values of oneness, passion and care – individuals who can help us bring our vision to life.

Thoughtful CV Screening

From the moment we receive your application, we embark on a journey to deeply understand your experience, achievements, and untapped potential. By carefully reviewing your CV, we strive to identify the perfect match for you, ensuring that your valuable time and energy are invested in something you truly care about.

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Video Interview and Online Personality Assessment

We’ll invite you for a video interview if we identify potential in your profile. This allows us to get to know you better. We also conduct an online personality assessment to ensure a strong alignment between your personality and values and our team’s values.

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Engaging Phone Conversation

During a phone conversation, we delve deeper into your experience and assess your approach to challenges. It’s an opportunity for a comprehensive understanding of your capabilities and potential fit within our organisation.

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Skill Assessment

Demonstrate your skills and expertise in a trial assessment. This step allows you to showcase how you handle assigned tasks. The trial duration varies depending on the role, typically from half a day to a full day.

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Congratulations on getting this far! During the interview, we’ll delve into your potential and explore how we can leverage our strengths for mutual benefit. We’ll be thrilled to have passionate individuals like you on board.

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Careers At Alaya

Our culture, characterised by collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation, forms the foundation of an unparalleled experience that sets you apart and offers endless opportunities for your growth and success.

Frequently asked questions

We’re still here, but with a slightly different look and feel. HLE Nepal is now Alaya.

Our rebranding efforts are about creating a stronger, more cohesive brand that reflects who we are today and where we’re headed. We’ve updated our visual identity and structure, but we’re still the same great company you know and trust.

We’re thrilled to begin this new chapter with you at Alaya, and we look forward to having you join us so we can shape our future together.

Here’s what it’s like to be part of our passionate team:

  • Inclusive Collaboration:Our diverse team shares a passion for helping others and achieving goals together. We embrace new challenges, making every day an exciting adventure.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: We invest in your development, providing ample opportunities to learn and excel. Take ownership of your career and pursue your passions with our support.

  • Accountability and Problem-Solving: We encourage you to take ownership, fostering a can-do attitude for impactful outcomes and positive change.

  • Strong Teamwork: We value diverse perspectives and ideas, recognising collaboration is key to success. Open communication and teamwork drive our achievements.

  • Dynamic Impact:Alaya thrives on innovation and addressing pressing social issues. Join our enthusiastic and dedicated team to make a positive difference in the world.

You can follow us on Facebook or visit our website for more information.

Our job listings are also available on major Nepali job portals.

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