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Job Opportunities for Master’s Graduates in Nepal

Job Opportunities for Master’s Graduates in Nepal

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Feb 09, 2024

You did it! After years of hard work, you’ve earned your Master’s degree. But now comes the big question: What’s next? If you’re looking for a career that can grow, you could find your place in Alaya.

Master’s programs offer in-depth study in a specific field, ranging from areas of the arts and humanities to science, technology and business. Graduates of these programs are recognised for their advanced analytical skills, research capabilities, and greater depth of understanding in their field, which enables them to tackle complex problems across various sectors.

Some of the common types of Master’s degrees include Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), and Master of Education (M.Ed.). Each of these degrees equips graduates with specialised knowledge and skills pertinent to their field of study. Master’s graduates often struggle to find job opportunities that fully employ the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired through these degrees.

Exploring Opportunities For Master’s Graduates In The Finance Field

Fortunately, If you’re a Master’s graduate looking to apply your skills in the finance field, there are many opportunities for you. Whether your background is in business, economics or even an area not related to finance, the sector values the diverse skills that Master’s graduates bring. At Alaya, Master’s degrees are especially valuable in the role of Loan Processing Associate (LPA), where your expertise can make a big impact.

Why Join Alaya After Graduating With Your Master’s?

Launch your career by joining Alaya as an LPA. You will expand your skill set while facilitating efficient home loan processes and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Curious to know what else Alaya has in store? Let’s dive into what LPAs can do here. Find out about the skills you’ll pick up, how you can move around in the company, and even aim for more prominent roles. Let’s see how you can advance your career while making a real difference at Alaya.

Develop Your Skills

At Alaya, the role of a Loan Processing Associate offers an exceptional opportunity for you to apply and further develop the following skills. LPAs at Alaya are known for their:

LPA Skills What You Learn
Effective Communication
  • Convey complex information clearly to stakeholders.
  • Master written and verbal communication methods to connect effectively.
Attention to Detail
  • Handle sensitive data carefully, double-checking for precision.
Time Management
  • Meet pressing deadlines while managing multiple priorities.
  • Improve your efficiency through planning and focus.
Problem Solving
  • Analyse issues and provide innovative solutions.
  • Enhance critical thinking to resolve obstacles smoothly.
Customer Service Orientation
  • Learn the art of building trust and positive experiences through empathetic and attentive client interactions.
Data Entry
  • Use specialised tools and systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) adeptly.
  • Sharpen abilities in learning new software and portals, enhancing your technical skills.

You can read more about the skills it takes to be an LPA at Alaya here.

Rojina started her job as a broker support – as a Loan Processing Specialist – and then became a Credit Analyst. She is now a Mortgage Broker. Her journey shows how learning and moving up in finance is possible by gaining experience and skills.

Your Skills Transfer Within Alaya

The skills you develop as an LPA at Alaya are highly transferable within the company, opening doors to various other roles and departments.

Your experience in processing loans can be used in roles in the company in which you interact with customers, require a good understanding of finances, and even help manage teams.

Alaya’s array of teams includes People and Culture, Marketing, Tech, Admin, Customer Care, and Credit Analysts, giving you many options for finding a role that suits your career goals.

You’ll Have Versatility Across Industries

The skills you will apply and develop as an Alaya LPA will also prove valuable across various industries. Skills such as effective communication, attention to detail and customer service are in demand not only in banking but also in dynamic sectors like tech startups.

Your experience in loan processing, coupled with your Master’s degree, positions you favourably for roles in industries such as consulting, technology, real estate, and beyond.

Positioning For Leadership Roles

The role of an LPA is also a good stepping stone to future leadership positions:

  • Leadership Skills Development: Managing complex loan processes and client relationships nurtures leadership qualities such as decision-making, team co-ordination, and strategic planning.
  • Career Progression: Alaya’s offers a dual pathway of career progression for LPAs. You can choose to venture into managerial roles or become a Credit Analyst. In a leadership role, you manage and inspire teams and shape the company’s direction. Alternatively, specialising as a Credit Analyst allows you to delve into a specific area of expertise – focusing on assessing financial health and managing risk. Both paths offer rewarding opportunities for growth, enabling you to tailor your advancement based on your aspirations and strengths.

Pratik launched his career at Alaya as an LPS, then transitioned to a CA role, ultimately landing as a Product Manager in Tech, demonstrating his versatility and growth within the company.

Bridging Gaps In Specialisations

Working as an LPA at Alaya allows you the chance to fill holes in your specialisations. As you become specialised in your role, you can get an opportunity to expand your expertise beyond your academic specialisation, making you a well-rounded professional. For example, you can become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in one of our other departments, such as the Marketing team or Tech team, acting as a consultant or adviser. Your valuable insights and guidance will be key assets to these teams in making critical decisions and bringing quality leads to the business.

Sriya began her career as a broker support, honed her skills as a Customer Care Specialist, and further advanced as a Credit Analyst and then a Credit Team Manager. She now leverages her extensive experience and knowledge as an SME in the marketing team. This demonstrates Alaya’s commitment to internal growth opportunities.

Job Opportunity In Alaya: Launch Your Career As An LPA

Are you ready to take the first big step in your professional career? Alaya offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for Master’s graduates to join as a Loan Processing Associate. This is more than just a job opening; it’s an invitation to be part of a dynamic team where your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm will be valued and nurtured.

Apply now to kickstart your career the right way!

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