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Alaya: Formerly HLE Nepal

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HLE Nepal is
now Alaya

As we’ve grown, we’ve realised it’s time to evolve and take our brand identity to the next level.

A Place of Connection and Belonging

Our rebranding efforts are all about creating a stronger, more cohesive brand that reflects who we are today and where we’re headed in the future. We’ve updated our visual identity and structure, but we’re still the same great company you know and trust.

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A girl reading a book in a cafe.
Two asian students holding video game controllers.
A guy wearing glasses holds a notebook and pen, while a woman in a vibrant yellow dress points at the notebook's contents. Seated on office chairs, they share happy smiles.

Empowering Excellence

At Alaya, we are passionate about people. We don’t just provide cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions for home loan advisory – we believe in transforming outsourced human resources into insider talent. 

Putting People at the Heart 

Our aim is to fully align with your vision, goals, and culture to help you achieve your dreams. We understand that the success of any business is dependent on the people you have on board, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing a service that places people at the heart of everything we do.

Two female colleagues, beaming with happiness, poised for a friendly fist bump while seated on the floor in front of logo of Alaya

In-depth expertise

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Proven Longevity

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Join our incredible team and become a valued member of our welcoming team.

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