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Alaya Quarterly Awards (Q3 FY24)

Passion, Care and Oneness – these are the cornerstones of the Alaya experience. We recognize exceptional employees who embody these values every quarter through our Alaya Quarterly Awards. Let’s give a round of applause to the incredible individuals who shone brightly in Q3 FY24!

Pushing Boundaries & Delivering Results (Passion Award Winners)

  • Anamol Shrestha: A champion of innovation, Anamol’s use of AI innovations like the 360-degree assessment tool and Morty chatbot has led to highly efficient solutions.
  • Arika Shakya: A master of multitasking, Arika juggles multiple responsibilities while excelling in her role, managing seven brokers simultaneously.
  • Bibek Kumar Jaiswal: Bibek’s dedication to continuous learning and seeking of feedback has resulted in remarkable lead conversion rates.
  • Bibek Kathet: His deep understanding ensures critical evaluations are completed with precision.
  • Robin Kumar Gurung: Robin is a fast learner who transitioned from a newcomer to a proficient specialist in six months.
  • Shailee Shrestha: Shailee led crucial training sessions and implemented process improvements (automatic super payments, commission management) that boosted revenue and efficiency.

Building a Culture of Care (Care Award Winners)

  • Devin Bajracharya: Devin’s caring spirit extends beyond his team. He offers support with administrative tasks and promotes mindfulness.
  • Isha Sharma: She managed 40 active files, efficiently supporting her team and easing the burden on outsourcing partners. She also integrated Good Reads lessons into her work.
  • Nabin Raj Adhikari: A champion of wellbeing, Nabin transformed the workplace with initiatives like daily exercise and ergonomic enhancements.
  • Rojina Neupane: Rojina’s patience shines through as she mentors newcomers and diffuses tensions among colleagues. Her interventions foster harmony to cultivate a positive work environment.
  • Oscar Maan Pradhan: Oscar fostered a strong team spirit with team-building events and prioritised sustainability in the office.
  • Samana Lawati: Samana is the #IAMSHARING campaign leader. She funded education and women’s sports through WeUnited and Koseli and engaged 50-plus employees in charity and workshops.

One Team, One Goal (Oneness Award Winner)

  • Credit Team Managers: HLE & Alaya’s credit team managers exemplified the value of oneness through collaborative efforts across departments. They merged the mortgage division and credit workflow teams, fostering unity while handling a substantial workload. Their dedication to enhancing communication and efficiency through cross-divisional meetings, workshops and projects showcases a strong commitment to organisational unity.

Leaders Who Inspire (Emerging Leader & Leading the Way Awards)

  • Prajeet Shrestha (Emerging Leader): Prajeet’s positive attitude and commitment to quality assessments make him a natural leader who effectively resolves staff issues.
  • Tisha Pradhan (Leading The Way): Tisha doubled the size of her team while integrating new processes, enhancing support structures, and upskilling her team on new systems.

Innovation for Impact (One Heart Award Winners)

  • Adishree Basnet: Adishree spearheaded transformative AI projects like the chatbot and 360-degree Assessor, boosting leads and customer engagement.
  • Prateek Bhuju: Prateek’s new training module expedited onboarding, and his team support included covering for absences.

Congratulations to all our winners! Your passion, care, and collaborative spirit make Alaya exceptional. We can’t wait to see what amazing things you all achieve next!