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Balancing Art & Finance: Prajwal Aryal of Phosphenes

Balancing Art & Finance: Prajwal Aryal of Phosphenes

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Jun 06, 2024


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In the world of finance, where rigid schedules and tight deadlines dictate the rhythm of one’s life, Prajwal stands out as a Credit Analyst who marches to the beat of his own drum — quite literally!

By day, he navigates the intricacies of credit analysis with precision, and when work is done, he swaps his spreadsheets for a guitar, diving headfirst into the world of music.

Let’s hear from Prajwal about how he balances the fine act of working as a Credit Analyst at Alaya and being a singer/songwriter and guitarist in Phosphenes.

Q: Your role as a Credit Analyst at Alaya and your presence at Phosphenes are impressive. How do you excel in these demanding fields?

Balance requires time management, clear prioritization, and strong support systems. Waking up early helps me dive into my work with full focus, allowing me to manage clients’ files effectively. As they say, tackling tough tasks early in the day sets a productive tone. While balancing both careers can sometimes be hectic, these early hours are my secret weapon. Transparent communication and coordination with my manager are crucial to this balance. When my work at Alaya is done, I shift to my music.

Art isn’t something you can force — at least not for me. I don’t create music every day, but when inspiration strikes, I’m in the zone and super active. This is how I excel in both demanding fields.

Q: Working at Alaya has undoubtedly contributed to your professional journey. Can you share a specific moment when your experiences at Alaya directly affected your music career?

I’m incredibly grateful to Alaya for supporting my music career in countless ways.

One memorable instance of this support was when I was preparing for a major gig. It happened to coincide with a particularly busy period at Alaya. Understanding the significance of the event, my team stepped up and redistributed my workload among themselves. Their support allowed me to balance both responsibilities seamlessly.

Q: Balancing two careers can be challenging. How else do your colleagues at Alaya support your musical endeavours, and can you recall a time when this support made a significant difference?

At Alaya, my colleagues and managers have been incredibly encouraging and accommodating of my musical pursuits in several ways. Some colleagues have connected me with key contacts in the music industry and marketing. This networking has been instrumental in fueling my musical growth and opening up new opportunities.

Q: For those aspiring to follow dual passions like you, what strategies or insights would you share to help them thrive both professionally and creatively?

In the world of inflation, it’s crucial to secure a job or earn money because trying to make music without financial stability can be incredibly frustrating and hinder your creative focus.

Life is all about finding a balance between these two aims, so if you want to pursue music, be very open-minded and, at the initial phase, work on some technical stuff that will help you find your sound. Listen to lots of genres and songs and write till your hands bleed — that’s the initial phase, building a good foundation. The same goes for the professional level, where you need to have a clear vision and passion.

After that, make lots of music, even if it feels like it’s not a good song. The key here is to make music no matter what and never be afraid to experiment. One of the things that I understand these days is that we don’t have to follow the rules all the time; you have to break the rules or maybe tweak them, but do it passionately.

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